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Can French Bulldogs Swim?

French Bulldogs cannot swim, so if you are a Frenchie parent, keep close vigilance when you take your dog to the water.

Why Can’t They Swim?

The reason French Bulldogs can’t swim is their flat face and thick neck structure that makes it hard for them to keep their heads above water and inhale air. Moreover, their body stature makes them top-heavy, having more muscle than fat, which makes it challenging to float in water. If they attempt to swim independently, without help, they may even sink.

This is why you can’t really teach your Frenchie to swim. And if you are still planning to take your pet to the beach, make sure it wears a life jacket, and is never left unsupervised near the water.

If cooling your dog on a hot day is your sole purpose, then a kid’s pool filled with chest-deep water would suit your need well. This way, your Frenchie would enjoy a cooling spree and at the same time, manage to keep its head above water. Foldable or collapsible dog pools are the best for this purpose, especially when traveling.

Your Frenchie may not be able to swim like a Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love water. They are fond of water, and with proper assistance and help from your end, they would love to move around in a shallow pool.

Video: French Bulldog Puppy Swimming

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