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22 Celebrities With Their French Bulldogs: Who’s More Famous?

French Bulldogs have featured in the top 5 most popular dogs in the US, occupying the 2nd position consecutively in 2020 and 2021 in the American Kennel Club’s Most Popular dog breeds. Even the biggest celebrities have fallen for those large eyes, bat ears, and the unique expressions on that flattened face. Find out who they are, and more importantly, check out these most famous Frenchies who have won the canine lottery.

Lady Gaga French Bulldog

1. Lady Gaga (American singer-songwriter & actress)

Her Frenchies: Gustavo, Koji, and Miss Asia

Hugh Jackman Dali

2. Hugh Jackman (Australian actor)

His Frenches: Dali

Hilary Duff French Bulldog

3. Hilary Duff (American singer, actress, author)

Her Frenchie: Peaches

Reese Witherspoon French Bulldog

4. Reese Witherspoon (American actress, producer) 

Her Frenchies: Pepper (passed away in 2020), and Minnie

Martha Stewart French Bulldog

5. Martha Stewart (American TV personality, writer)

Her Frenchies: Bette Noir, and Crème Brulee

Travis Barker French Bulldog

6. Travis Barker (American musician)

His Frenchies: Elvis, Blue, Biggy, and Fudge

Eva Longoria French Bulldog

7. Eva Longoria (American actress, director, producer)

Her Frenchie: Popeye

Leonardo DI Caprio French Bulldog

8. Leonardo Di Caprio (American actor, producer)

His Frenchie: Django

Zach Braff Scooter

9. Zach Braff (American actor, filmmaker)

His Frenchie: Scooter

Mario Lopez French Bulldog

10. Mario Lopez (American actor, TV host)

His Frenchies: Salvador, Oscar, and Julio (passed away in March 2022)

Dwayne Johnson French Bulldog

11. Dwayne Johnson (American actor, former wrestler)

His Frenchies: Hobbs, and Brutus (passed away in 2016)

Madonna French Bulldog

12. Madonna (American singer-songwriter)

Her Frenchie: Gypsy Rosa

Christine Diane Teigen French Bulldog

13. Christine Diane Teigen (American model, TV personality)

Her Frenchie: Pippa, and Penny

14. Jonah Hill (American actor, filmmaker)

His Frenchie: Carmella

15. Michael Phelps (American Swimmer)

His Frenchies: Juno and Legend

16. Rachel Bilson (American Actress)

Her Frenchie: Thurman

17. Denise Richards (American model, actress, TV personality)

Her Frenchies: Leo and Hank

18. Snoop Dogg (American rapper)

His Frenchie: Juelz Broadus

19. Taraji P. Henson (American actress)

Her Frenchie: K-Ball

20. Kris Allen (American Singer-songwriter)

His Frenchie: Zorro

21. Ty Dolla $ign (American Singer-songwriter)

His Frenchie: Julio

22. Carrie Fisher (Late American actress)

Her Frenchie: Gary Fisher

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