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Do French Bulldogs Have Tails?

French Bulldog Tail

French Bulldogs are born with a naturally short and stumpy tail, giving an impression that it has been docked or cut off. Per the AKC’s breed standards, a French Bulldog can have a straight or slightly screwed tail but not curly. It should be short, hung low, thick at its base, tapering towards the tip.

Types of Frenchie Tails

A French Bulldog’s tail can be:

Note: The screwed or corkscrewed tail occurs in flat-faced breeds like the Frenchie and pug due to vertebral malformation. Dogs with such tails have deep skin folds (tail pockets) in the surrounding area, which are highly susceptible to bacterial infections. 

Can a French Bulldog Have a Long Tail?

Per official guidelines, the Frenchie’s tail should be rather short, just covering the anus; anything beyond that is a defect. Similarly, a short tail above the anus isn’t acceptable, and such dogs do not qualify for shows.

It wasn’t always like this, as in ancient times, long tails were a common physical trait in the Frenchies and were not considered a defect.

French Bulldog Screw Tail

How Did Frencheis Acquire Their Short Tail?

Through selective breeding, they eventually acquired short tails. The main reason was to help them efficiently perform the function they were bred for. They were ratters, and to do their job with ease, they needed an agile body and a muscular, short tail.

Another reason for the short tail was their usage in bull-baiting and dog fights in the past. Long tails would lead to a hazard in such sports, and to prevent injuries, breeders opted to develop short-tailed dogs.


Are French Bulldogs born without tails?

They do have a tail at birth, but it is so small at the time that it might appear as if they come without it.

Do French Bulldogs wag their tail?

Their tails are too short to wag and express happiness. Some dogs may manage to move their short, stumpy tail a little, but that cannot be labeled as wagging. When delighted, they make their feelings evident by wiggling or moving their bottoms instead.

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