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Do French Bulldogs Smile?

Dogs have emotions, and like humans, they also express their happiness and pleasure through verbal and physical gestures. However, there are varying opinions on whether dogs actually smile. Frenchies are a happy breed that does not hesitate to express their feelings, and it may often look like your pet’s smiling at you, though it could get hidden by their wrinkles. Whether it’s a real ‘smile’ or not, it will still be enough to tell you when your dog is truly happy.

When giving this ‘smiling’ expression, Frenchies often open their wide mouth and curl up their lips. Their eyes could even narrow down a little as a reflex action to the changing expression. Of course, how frequently your dog smiles is up to its own nature and preferences.

Famous for their friendly disposition, French Bulldogs show their happiness in many ways other than just their smile. They could wag their bottom (since it has such a small tail), keep their mouth relaxed instead of showing their teeth, stick that little tongue out, and lower those ears to point them to the front rather than keeping them upright. Your pet always being ready to cuddle and play with you also indicate its health and happiness.

A dog that eats healthy, spends a lot of time with its family, and gets its daily dose of exercise will be a happy dog. A happy dog does not display any destructive behavior, like chewing things and barking a lot.

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