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Do Hairless French Bulldogs Exist?

Hairless French Bulldog

According to AKC’s breed standards, French bulldogs have a short and smooth single coat. The hairless French Bulldog emerged in the year 2020, and is believed to be a result of extreme breeding, as claimed by veterinarians, dog experts, and members of animal welfare groups.

The trend of producing hairless or bald Frenchies supposedly started in China in 2020, where these dogs were crossed with Pugs and, most notably, the Chinese Crested to create the hairless coats. The new variety is known as the Chinese Dushi hairless French Bulldogs.

The Major League Frenchies, a breeding club from the United States, promoted the hairless variant as they posted pictures of Bonsai, their first hairless Frenchie that they even labeled hypoallergenic.

Numerous videos and photos of the hairless Frenchie puppies have been doing the rounds of late. A litter of hairless Frenchies was also bred in the United Kingdom’s Scotland. The British Veterinary Association condemned this feat, stating that in a bid to promote cuteness, the breeders compromised the health of these dogs.

In conclusion, vets’ and dog enthusiasts’ primary opinion was that a flat-faced dog like the Frenchie is already prone to problems like breathing difficulties, eye ailments, and bone issues. To top it all, hairless skin could increase their misery further, making them prone to dermatitis, acne, and even skin cancer.

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