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Hotspots in French Bulldogs: What is it and How to Treat

Hotspots, alternately known as acute moist dermatitis or pyotraumatic dermatitis, are painful skin lesions. If suffering from this condition, the dog’s skin becomes wet, red, and swollen, and the lesions could even contain pus.

Because of their skin folds, the French bulldogs are prone to several skin conditions, and developing hotspots isn’t impossible, especially if one doesn’t clean them. They could have hotspots in any part of their body, though the common spots include hips, legs, and the area around their head.

What Causes Hotspots in French Bulldogs

Symptoms of Hotspots in Frenchies

Treatment for Hotspots in French Bulldogs

Upon suspecting that your Frenchie has a hotspot, it is essential to speak to the veterinarian once instead of starting any home remedy yourself. Delaying treatment and waiting for it to heal on its own could worsen the matter further. After performing a thorough physical examination and prescribing additional testing, maybe for other conditions like skin scrapes, the vet may be able to detect the exact cause behind the hotspot. He may even suggest appropriate treatment, some mentioned below:

When the problem is addressed instantly and proper care is taken, as suggested by the vet, the hotspot is cured soon, in 3-7 days from when treatment starts.

How to Prevent Hotspot   

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