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Why Do French Bulldogs Have Bumps on Their Skin

One of the main reasons French bulldogs can develop skin bumps, all over their body and face that look like tiny protrusions is due to allergies triggered by a bacterial or fungal infection. Hives, common in the Frenchies, can occur because of an allergic reaction from medications, shampoos, and insect stings and bites. The most typical symptoms of hives include itchy bumps, primarily red and even swollen.

 Other causes for skin bumps could also be hormonal imbalance, improper diet, and poor hygiene measures. The bumps mostly appear as blackheads, then turn red and develop as whiteheads.

Some way to prevent bumps is by keeping your Frenchie clean. Take utmost care of its skin folds and clean it using wipes or even a damp cloth to avoid the accumulation of dirt and infection.

Also, keep a watch on its food, and make sure that you are giving your Frenchie a diet rich in protein, vitamins, and essential minerals. 

If he has already developed those itchy bumps, then take extra care and feed it more of meat and veggies, as that is what vets mostly suggest. Also, add Vitamin C and probiotics supplement to his diet after consultation with the veterinarian to improve his skin. Vet-approved shampoos, especially those with coconut, aloe vera, and tea tree oil, are often a remedy in curing skin bumps.

Whatever may be the reason, don’t immediately start treatment at home; rather, consult the doctor to decide the next course of action.

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