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Why Do French Bulldogs Have Bumps on Their Skin?

French Bulldogs can develop small bumps on their skin, often due to allergies or infections. The bumps look like tiny protrusions that can appear on the back, face or any other part of the body. They initially appear as blackheads, then turn red and develop into whiteheads.

What Causes Such Skin Bumps?

They are typically hives caused by some allergies from food, shampoo, or environmental allergens.

Here are the other possible causes for skin bumps in your pet:

The bumps may sometimes be because of an abscess or a fatty tumor. Fatty tumors are usually harmless, and it is normal for your Frenchie to have a few as it grows old. But an abscess, a pus-filled pocket on your pet’s skin that might lead to discomfort, pain, and even infection, needs early medical attention.

In some cases, the skin issues may be a result of some autoimmune disease, where the dog’s immune system attacks its own body, leading to a number of symptoms. Such autoimmune reactions may turn serious when the immune system attacks your dog’s blood cells, leading to anemia.

How to Detect if Your Dog Has Skin Bumps?

These bumps are often easy to spot because they appear as lumps or pimples on your pet’s skin. Your dog scratching a specific spot excessively may be another clue.

In case of a more serious underlying cause, the bumps may be accompanied by lethargy, appetite loss, hair loss in the affected area, and the skin around the bump heating up. Oozing and blackening of the skin often indicate an underlying condition.

What To Do if Your Pet Has Skin Bumps?

Since they may result from one of the numerous causes, it is always recommended to talk to your vet as soon as possible after noticing them. It is not recommended to start treatment at home as a vet would be the best person to decide the next course of action.

How To Keep Your Frenchie From Developing Skin Bumps?

Following a balanced diet rich in protein, vitamins, and essential minerals and maintaining proper hygiene helps minimize the chances of skin bumps. Take utmost care of its skin folds and clean it using wipes or a damp cloth to avoid accumulating dirt. Also, ensure all the products you use for bathing and grooming your Frenchie are approved by the vet.

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