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How Big Do French Bulldogs Get

As per the breed standards of the AKC, the average size of a standard French bulldog is 11-13 inches in height and below 28 pounds in weight. A weight of about 30 lbs could still be fine, but anything above that requires a veterinarian’s intervention. 

They mainly attain their full height and weight by 8-12 months and 9-12 months, respectively. However, some may continue to grow until 15 months, while muscle development occurs until they attain two years of age. Their overall growth rate depends on several factors like overall health, genetics, and diet. 

Size of Miniature/ Teacup Bulldogs

A miniature Frenchie is the French bulldog’s downsized variety, comparatively smaller than the latter. It measures about 14 inches in height and weighs between 5 and 14 pounds.

French Bulldogs Size Chart

Age (in months)Weight (in lbs)Height (in inches)
1Male: 4-7
Female: 3-6
2Male: 9-12
Female: 7-10
3Male: 10-14
Female: 8-12
4Male: 12-16
Female: 10-15
5Male: 15-20
Female: 11-17
6Male: 17 -22
Female: 13-20
7Male: 18-25
Female: 14-21
8Male: 19-27
Female: 15-22
9Male: 20-28
Female: 16-22
10Male: 20-28
Female: 16-22
11Male: 20-28
Female: 17-24
12Male: 20-28
Female: 17-24

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