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How to Clean a French Bulldog’s Ears?

French bulldogs have big bat ears, which is one of the primary features that make them so popular. But with such big ears, their ear canals are increasingly prone to exposure to environmental allergens, debris, and dirt. Brachycephalic dogs are more susceptible to allergies because of their flat face and short snout, and Frenchies aren’t an exception. Hence, owners must pay extra attention to cleaning their pet’s ears.

Following are the basic steps to clean your Frenchie’s ears easily:

Things You’d Need


  1. Calm the Frenchie and have him lie down.
  2. Gently open the flap of its ear canal and pour the solution directly into the ears.
  3. Then massage the base of the ear with your fingers for about 20-30 seconds. This would make the debris break down inside the ear canal. While directly putting the solution inside the ear without the cotton ball, don’t let the nozzle go too deep, as it could rupture its eardrum.
  4. After about a minute of inserting the solution, make your Frenchie shake its head well. The debris and the excess ear solution come out of its ears due to the shaking. This is also a convenient way to clean the ears without stressing or hurting the Frenchie.
  5. Then, clean the inner ear visible to you using a cotton ball or baby wipes.
  6. Don’t forget to reward him with a treat after the job is done

Note: Refrain from using water for cleaning as it softens the Frenchie’s skin, making it easily susceptible to infection.

It is recommended to do the cleaning indoors because it would be better for your Frenchie to rub his ears on the carpet than grass or dirt. Baby wipes are a good option for quickly cleaning the outer ears when outside,.

You should clean your French bulldog’s ears at least twice or thrice a month to lessen the chances of ear infections.

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