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What are Tan Points on a French Bulldog?

A Frenchie is said to have tan points if they have red, white, or yellow markings on a solid base coat. These markings are on the eyebrows, muzzle, chest, stomach region, lower legs, and the underside of the dog’s tail. The color of the base coat may be black, blue, lilac, or liver.

Why Do Tan Points Develop on a French Bulldog

For a French Bulldog to display tan points, it usually needs to inherit the ‘at’ gene from its parents. When a dog shows off tan points, it generally has either “at/at” or “at/a” combinations. Frenchies with “at/ay” combinations usually do not display tan points but can pass on the ‘at’ gene to their offspring.

Frenchies That Have Tan Points

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