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What is a Fluffy French Bulldog

Fluffy French bulldogs, also known as long-haired French bulldogs, are different from the standard Frenchies with a rough coat and short hair. Their specialty and uniqueness lie in their long furry hair, giving them a lion-like appearance.

Fluffy French Bulldog

Why Does a Fluffy Frenchie Have a Long-haired Coat

A Frenchie will have a long-haired coat when it has inherited the recessive LH genes from both its parents. Those with just one LH gene would not have a long coat but can pass its LH gene to about 50% of their offspring.

This is a rare phenomenon, as chances of two LH gene careers mating are low. Even if they do, the resultant puppy may not always be long-haired. Some breeders have specialized in mating Frenchies with recessive genes to ensure that the puppies born have long hair.

Fuzzy French Bulldog
Blue Fluffy French Bulldog
Furry French Bulldog

It is just the hair that makes them apart from other Frenchies. However, the color, physical features, and temperament remain unchanged.

They aren’t recognized as purebred Frenchies by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and other notable registries like the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and United Kennel Club (UKC). Hence, the Fluffy French bulldogs are not eligible for shows organized by the AKC or other registries.

Full Grown Long Haired French Bulldog
Long Haired French Bulldog

Fluffy Merle French Bulldog

What is the Price of a Fluffy French Bulldog

Since they are rare to find, the long-haired Frenchies cost a lot, between $13000 and $16000.

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