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What Were French Bulldogs Bred For

The French bulldogs are perfect companions and were bred for that purpose. Their lineage dates back to the toy-sized bulldog popular during the 1800s, throughout English cities mainly Nottingham, a lace-making hub. Post the Industrial Revolution, the lace-making business was under threat and most of the lace workers shifted to northern France, also carrying their dogs along. These little dogs gained immense popularity throughout the countryside mainly inhabited by the lace artisans. Over the time, these bulldogs were bred with pugs, terriers and several other breeds, and such selective breeding resulted in a whole lot of distinctive features including the bat ears, one of the most distinguishing traits of the Frenchies. The new breed also got a new name, christened to Bouledogue Francais.

Eventually, its fame no longer remained confined to the French countryside, but spread to the urban parts, mainly the plush city of Paris. In fact, it became an integral part of Paris’ café life, being one of the most sought-after companions of the elite ladies of the society. They were even the choicest lap dogs of writers, painters, and artists who portrayed the Frenchies in their works of art in every possible way.

They became widespread in other parts of Europe as well as America emerging as fabulous companion dogs because of its gentle, lively, and sociable demeanor.  

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