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Is a Zebra French Bulldog Real?

A black and white striped French bulldog isn’t real but just a gimmick. The story behind the emergence of this idea goes back to April 1, 2020, when someone posted about a Zebra Frenchie as an April Fools prank.

A Frenchie named Loki, owned by a make-up professional, was given a zebra-like makeover. The lady owning the Frenchie did this to cheer her ailing sister up after receiving discouraging news from the doctor. She got the inspiration for this unique thing from a white Siberian tiger.

Zebra French Bulldog – It’s a makeup trick

She doesn’t forget to mention that the entire dressing up was supervised with dog-safe water-based organic paint. The whole color went away in a jiffy upon bathing Loki.

However, the video accompanying the post became viral, with people taking the matter extremely seriously. The website owner said that though a prank, the purpose was to raise concern over unethical breeding on the rise at present.

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