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English Bulldog Colors

The English bulldog, synonymously called the Bulldog or British bulldog comes in a variety of colors. Some of them are the standard color of the breed, while a few are rare and exotic.

The shades that the American Kennel Club recognize as the standard color of this breed include brindle, fawn, red, white, fawn & brindle, fawn & white, fawn brindle & white, red &white, red brindle & white, and fallow. The exotic colors include merle, lilac, tricolor, and black. The basic cost of the standard-colored breeds varies from $1500 – $4000, with $2500 being the average price.

The exotic colors, on the other hand, do not form a part of the breed’s standards and are rarely available. Hence rare-colored English bulldogs have a high price tag attached to them. For instance, the lilac dogs cost about $6000, while the merle varieties come for about $4500.

English Bulldog Colors

Standard Colors

FallowFawn &Brindle
Fawn & WhiteFawn Brindle &White
Red & WhiteRed Brindle
Red Brindle & White 

Rare and Exotic Colors


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